Autumn is a good time to visit Greece for many reasons. Most tourists have left giving you the opportunity to enjoy your vacation without overcrowding, the prices of accommodation are clearly better, while the weather is mild, in fact in recent years there are quite high temperatures that give you the flexibility you need to perform excursions to both cities and coastal areas. If until now you thought that summer is the right time to visit Greece, you will reconsider after reading our suggestions on how you can spend your Autumn holidays in Northern Greece.

Discover unique proposals for Autumn holidays in Northern Greece!

Enjoy a sightseeing tour in Thessaloniki 

Autumn is a unique time of year, especially if you are in Thessaloniki. The rhythms of the city change as everyone starts to return slowly from the summer holidays, the colours of autumn in combination with the blue of Thermaikos Gulf create a highly romantic mood while the temperature is ideal for leisurely walks in the city. What better season than to enjoy an interesting tour of the sights of Thessaloniki! In every corner of the city, you will have the opportunity to admire impressive monuments from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman period. In fact, it is remarkable that many of the sights of Thessaloniki have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

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You can start from the city centre, where the famous Arch of Galerius is also known as Kamara, while a short distance away is the Rotunda, one of the most characteristic monuments of the city dating back to the 4th century AD. A few meters below and in the direction of the beach, you will find yourself on one of the most famous streets of Thessaloniki, Tsimiski Street, where it is the most commercial street in the city, gathering a multitude of shops and shopping centres. Nearby is Aristotelous Square, where you can make a stop and admire the magnificent view of Thermaikos and take some commemorative photos. Continuing your tour, you will find Nikis Avenue, one of the most preferred streets of Thessaloniki, which in addition to the magnificent view of the beach, offers a wide range of options from cafes, bars and restaurants. There, you can admire the most important attraction of Thessaloniki, the White Tower, which now operates as a museum, offering a unique spot for stunning photos and impressive panoramic views. Just a few meters away you will find two of the most important museums in the city, the Archaeological Museum and the Byzantine Museum. If you have enough spare time at your disposal, do not miss to visit Ano Poli, where the sites and the architecture of the wider area will impress you.

Explore the nightlife of Halkidiki 

Who said that the Autumn holidays in Northern Greece do not include a visit to the beach? If you decide to make your trip to Northern Greece in September, then Halkidiki should definitely be included in your list. Famous for its beaches but also for its amazing nightlife, Halkidiki is a must destination even in Autumn. The weather, especially in September is great, the sea is also warm at this time of year, so why not enjoy an autumn weekend one last dip in one of the top beaches of Halkidiki and in the evening go out for a drink in the famous bars and clubs of Kassandra.

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Visit the enchanting Edessa & the majestic Pozar Thermal Baths

Just 1 hour and 30 minutes from Thessaloniki is the enchanting Edessa. Waterfalls, rivers, mountains and lakes compose the beautiful scenery of this region of Northern Greece. In the centre of the city, in an impressive geopark, you will have the opportunity to admire the famous Waterfalls of Edessa that flow from the edge of the rock creating a scene of incredible beauty. In fact, they are among the largest in the Balkans.

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Just 30 minutes from Edessa, it is also worth visiting the Pozar Baths. It is a picturesque settlement in the area of ​​Aridea, located near Kaimaktsalan and is known for its thermal baths. The Pozar Baths provide excellent facilities, swimming pools, jacuzzi, hammam, spa, hotels and restaurants, as well as outdoor natural waterfalls with hot springs. An incredible experience worth trying!

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