The summer has passed irrevocably, however this does not mean that the holidays are over. The area of ​​Northern Greece is the ideal location for both autumn and winter excursions as there are many settlements, which are located in mountainous areas and will give you wonderful hospitality and irresistible views. On the mountains of Macedonia you can visit beautiful, stone-built villages, which seem to have remained unchanged over time. You will also have the opportunity to take idyllic walks in the Macedonian nature, which is dressed in the colors of Autumn. In this article you will find the most beautiful and picturesque destinations in the mountains of Macedonia, which will make you appreciate the beauty of Northern Greece in a unique way.

Olympus- Litochoro

Olympus is the highest mountain in  the area of Macedonia and all around Greece. As for its peak Mytika, it is located at an impressive altitude of 2,917 meters. Olympus has been described by scientists as one of the richest habitats in Greece, as its impressive environment, is the natural home of many forms of flora and fauna. Mount Olympus is a favorite destination for climbers and walkers, as it has organized mountaineering routes and many shelters.

Litochoro is built on the slopes of Olympus at an altitude of 300m, and its buildings  are samples of classical Macedonian architecture. Arriving in the village, one of the first things you need to do, is to visit the green park in the village center, which is ideal for sports activities but also for beautiful walks. Also, You can take a walk near the beach, as the village is just a few kilometers from it. Finally, we suggest that you visit the Byzantine Ecclesiastical Museum, located in the monastery of Agios Dionysios.

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Verno, Florina – Nymfaio

Verno is one of the most impressive mountains in western Macedonia and is located between the cities of Florina and Kastoria. The highest peak in Verno reaches an impressive altitude of 2,128 meters, while there are many other smaller peaks over 1,000 meters. Mount Verno is one of the protected areas of the Natura 2000 network, due to its extremely rich fauna and flora. One of the most impressive locations of the mountain is Nymfaio, where the homonymous settlement is located.

The settlement of Nymfaio, which was formerly known as Nivesta, is located at an altitude of 1,350 meters and belongs to the Municipality of Amyntaio. The village is surrounded by a beautiful beech forest, while the houses and  the roads of the village are made of stone. If you visit Nymfaio, we suggest you stay in one of the traditional mansions of the village, which operate as hotels. In addition, you can taste traditional delicacies such as meat in the pitcher and trachana soup, in one of the stone taverns of the area. Finally, we suggest you visit the Arcturus bear shelter, which protects area bears, that can not be re-integrated into their natural environment.

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Verno, Florina – Lechovo

On the mountain Verno, you will also find the mountain village of Lechovo, which is 25 km away from Nymfaio. Lechovo is located at an altitude of 900 m and its rich flora consists mainly of beeches and oaks. Lechovo, in addition to its delicious food and the hospitality it offers, is also famous for its cultural events. One of its most impressive events is the one that takes place for the celebration of the New Year, when impressive sparklers fill the night sky of the village, in order to welcome the new year. Finally, visiting Lechovo, you should learn some things about its history, as the village paid the heavy price of World War II, with extreme looting and executions.

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Voio, Kozani – Siatista

Voio is one of the most impressive Mountains of Macedonia and is part of the majestic mountain range of Pindos, which occupies a large part of Western Mainland Greece.On Voio are also the headwaters  of one of the largest rivers in Greece, Aliakmonas. 

The villages of Voio belong to the so-called Mastorochoria, meaning craftsmen villages. The Mastorochoria villages are a total of 27 settlements that belong to Epirus and Macedonia and were named so because they were built mainly by craftsmen of Epirus. One of the most famous mountain villages among them, is Siatista, which is located at an altitude of 900m. One of the first things you will notice when visiting Siatista, is the imposing two-storey mansions of the village, which obey the aesthetics and style of the other Mastorochoria . Siatista is the ideal location for activities such as horse riding and mountaineering. As for those of you who prefer knowledge over sports, we suggest you visit the paleontological museum of the village, where you will see collections containing exhibits from the prehistoric period.

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