Automatic Car Rental

Here, at Alpha Drive Rent a Car, we have cars with automatic gearboxes for rent that are able to meet any need our customers may have and wish to explore Thessaloniki and Halkidiki easily, quickly and conveniently.

More specifically, Toyota Yaris and Toyota Auris are available. Both are suitable for those who wish to travel and move with ease and no hassle.


If you want to rent a top car that is automatica and has small size at the same time, then the solution is Toyota Yaris. A car that will offer you a impeccable rental experience in Thessaloniki and Halkidiki and of course an easy and comfortable drive.

Toyota Yaris is ideal if you are planning to travel several kilometers during the rental period and do not want to get into trouble and at the same time have a very good fuel economy.

Rental rates for Toyota Yaris start at € 15 per day.


Prefer Toyota Auris Hybrid if you want maximum fuel economy, drive several kilometres and find unparalleled comfort, both in terms of space and in terms of driving with the automatic transmission.

In addition, Toyota Auris is an ideal choice for families of 5 people, for those who are not used to or familiar with manual gearboxes and prefer automatic ones and to those seeking the maximum possible luggage spaces and ultimately, a comfortable driving experience.

Rental rates for Toyota Auris start at € 18 per day.