Ano Poli is a location of Thessaloniki is a stone’s throw from the city center. This corner of the city bears no resemblance to the modern city centers with the newly built standard apartment buildings. Ano Poli seems to have remained intact over time, traveling its visitors to another side of cosmopolitan Thessaloniki, which is definitely worth exploring. Walking in Ano Poli, you will meet a mixture of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman influences that testify to the rich history of the region.

 The reason that Ano Poli of Thessaloniki has such a different look from other districts of the city is due to the fact that it is one of the few places that were not completely burned by the great fire that broke out in 1917. Ano Poli is located northwest of the center of Thessaloniki and due to the panoramic view offered by this location, was chosen as an observatory during the Ottoman and Byzantine times. So today, visitors to Ano Polis have the opportunity to admire attractions of exceptional historical importance with different cultural influences.

Historical monuments of Ano Poli that are worth visiting

One of the first places you should visit while touring the Upper Town, is the Castles. Although the creation of the Castles dates back to Roman times, in the process there were many additions and improvements to reach the form we know today. The reason for the creation of the Castles was purely strategic, as they are located at the highest point of the city from where even Olympus is visible.

Vlatadon Monastery is one of the most important historical and religious monuments of the city. The monastery is located in the Byzantine walls and dates from 1351 AD, which makes it the oldest monastic area of ​​the city, with uninterrupted operation until today. The construction style of the Temple has elements from the time of the Palaeologans, however the only intact parts of the Monastery are the sanctuary and some specific architectural elements.

Ano Poli of Thessaloniki A Journey into the Past-Historical monuments of Ano Poli that are worth visiting-AlphaDrive

The Architecture of the buildings and the street plan of Ano Poli of Thessaloniki

Ano Poli during the Turkish occupation was predominantly a Turkish quarter, however its buildings exude a strong Balkan aesthetic that also incorporates European influences. The bright colors of the buildings magnetize the visitor’s gaze, while the covered balconies called loggias remind us of the strong stigma of the Macedonian architectural style that exists in the area. Finally, a special feature of the houses in the area are the triangular protrusions of the buildings called sahnisia.

The road construction of Ano Poli of Thessaloniki is very unregulated. On the one hand,this is due to the geographical peculiarities of the area, on the other hand, it is because of the uncontrolled construction of apartment buildings that began in the 1970s, until the area was declared protected. The cobbled alleys of Ano Poli, despite their idyllic and picturesque character, make it impossible for visitors to access by public transport such as the bus, making the car and the feet the ideal transportation options.

Ano Poli of Thessaloniki A Journey into the Past-The Architecture of the buildings and the street plan of Ano Poli Thessaloniki-AlphaDrive

Places to have fun in Ano Poli of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is a city famous for the carefree mentality of its inhabitants and for its gastronomic culture. It is no coincidence that it has been listed among the best city break destinations in Europe. All these combined with the special beauty of Ano Poli of Thessaloniki, the experiences that will be gained by its potential visitors, will be unforgettable.

Ano Poli is a popular meeting point for the youth of the city and not only. The nostalgic and at the same time despotic atmosphere that the specific area exudes, make the Ano Poli of Thessaloniki, a pole of attraction for the locals but also the tourists.In Ano Poli you will find countless entertainment options for all tastes. You can visit restored traditional cafes or modern cafes and enjoy your coffee away from the hustle and bustle of the center, while you will be within walking distance from it.

In addition, you can try the city cuisine through traditional or modern dishes served at local restaurants. A great idea would be to dine in one of the many picturesque taverns of Ano Poli, which combine stone architecture with lush potted decoration. There is no doubt that the wonderful food of the shops of Ano Poli, in combination with the view of the whole of Thessaloniki stretching in front of you, will give you one of the most memorable moments of your life.

Ano Poli of Thessaloniki A Journey into the Past-Places to have fun in Ano Poli of Thessaloniki-AlphaDrive

We hope this article has helped you see another side of town. Ano Poli is a magical place to explore and learn the history of Thessaloniki, just walking in its alleys.

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