Thessaloniki is a city with an extremely rich cultural background. Proof of this fact are the countless cultural places it has such as theaters, cinemas and museums. The rich cultural identity of the city is celebrated through annual events in Thessaloniki. They are attended by locals and tourists, who visit the city every year to take part in them  and become a part of the city. By participating in these events, as employees, contestants or ordinary spectators, you will be able to better understand the multifaceted cultural identity of Thessaloniki, which is partly due to the intense commercial activity that took place in  it.

Also, the fact that it has hosted heterogeneous populations over the years, has contributed to the current cultural diversity that exists in the city. In this article you will find some of the most interesting annual events in Thessaloniki, which you should definitely visit even for once in your life.

Thessaloniki International Fair

The Thessaloniki International Fair is the most important trade fair event in the city and all around Greece. The first fair took place in 1926, while in the early 1940s the TIF was moved to Angelaki Street in the city center, where it remains to this day. The international fair is a huge cultural and commercial event for the city, as every year merchants and cultural figures from Greece and around the world exhibit innovative ideas and products in its facilities. The 85th Thessaloniki International Fair will be the first major fair to be held in Europe in public and with the restrictions of all health protocols. Which means it will set the organizational pattern for all the major events   in Europe, concerning covid restrictions

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Thessaloniki Film Festival

The Festival started in 1960 as a national festival on the initiative of Pavlos Zanna. The Thessaloniki Film Festival puts a lot of weight on  independent cinema and promising Greek and foreign creators. The Film Festival is an extremely important means of communication and exposure for Greek filmmakers but also for those of neighboring countries, as each year it has about 80,000 visitors. The Festival has been visited over the years by many important personalities of the international star system, giving it glamor of global proportions.

The festival takes place every year at the historic Olympion Cinema and since 1999 in four specially reconstructed warehouses donated by the Thessaloniki Port Authority. The Film Festival is one of the most important annual events in Thessaloniki, not only because of its artistic value but also because of its commercial traffic. Every September, which is the Festival period, it is impossible not to notice that the heart of the city beats in its screening halls.

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International Documentary Festival

The International Documentary Festival, which is held every year in Thessaloniki, is one of the most important in the world. The Festival has a competitive character and was founded in 1999, while in 2018 it was included in the list of documentary festivals that affect the Oscar nominations. This is as the documentary that will win the Golden Alexander, the Festival award, qualifies for the Oscars. Thessaloniki Documentary Festival focuses on documentary cinema and is organized by the cultural organization of the Thessaloniki Film Festival, which also organizes the Thessaloniki Film Festival. The films of the Documentary Festival are screened at the Olympion Cinema or in the renovated halls of the port, as well.

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Dimitria Festival

Dimitria is a cultural institution of Thessaloniki, which is a revival of the ancient trade fair called Dimitria. The institution was revived in 1966 and in 1995 joined the association of international festivals. Dimitria includes cultural events such as art exhibitions, theatrical performances and music events. The festival takes place every year in buildings managed by the Municipality of Thessaloniki, such as the town hall, Villa Petridi and many other places. The institution of Dimitria is one of the most famous annual events in Thessaloniki and it will surely give you wonderful festival experiences.

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Beer Festival in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki beer festival is the largest beer festival in Greece and one of the most fun annual events in Thessaloniki. Breweries from all over the country are participating in this, exhibiting hundreds of beers. Beers are accompanied by pairing  street food and live music performances. Unfortunately the beer festival did not take place this year due to covid -19. However, its organizers promise to come back, offering even more fun and quality beer.

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To sum up, it is certain that the co-capital of Greece is a city full of entertainment options and that the annual Events in Thessaloniki will give you wonderful festival experiences, characteristic of the city’s cultural identity.

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