Once you reach Thessaloniki it is a must to visit the Museum of Technology “Noesis”. Noesis which is one of its kind in Northern Greece has given its visitors a chance to discover the technological achievements of the ancient Greeks.

Among others museum provides a window into the technological side of ancient Greece less known to the public than literature, art and philosophy.
The museum guide speaks of the imaginative side of the ancient Greeks.
According to [Maria Karnezou, Museum Guide]:
“They initiated some things by themselves either by inventing them or importing them from neighbouring countries. It was an element of their culture but also a dynamic that was developed through practice. They exercised this talent so as to adapt the machines they found and to further develop them.”
Scale models as described by ancient Greek authors and Arabic translations are on exhibit.
Ancient Greek technology was based on the five simple mechanics of ship-building, engineering, automation, measurement, arms and weapons.
[Maria Karnezou, Museum Guide]:
“They were the base. We are in a period between 3rd century B.C and 1st century A.C where the bases were established. The five simple mechanics of antiquity were the base and then we had the development of the machines.”
The technological conceptions of the ancient Greeks contributed to many modern technologies.
Today, we can only marvel at the technological achievements of the ancient Greeks.

About Noesis

The Science Center and Technology Museum “NOESIS” is a welfare, non-profit cultural and educational foundation that promotes Technology Culture and creates an appropriate environment for informing the public of the latest developments in Science and Technology. It operates in a privately-owned, brand-new 15,000 sq.m. building, located at Thermi area, whose design refers to the lever of Archimedes. The brand name of the Center intends to emphasize the connection between its operation and human intellect (noesis).
The Technology Museum has been active in Northern Greece since 1978. During these years it has passed through various stages of development. To date, over 1.500.000 individuals -most of them young people- have taken part in its various activities and have found the museum’s environment to be ideal for finding out about and involving themselves with Technological Culture.


Our Science Center is located in the eastern part of Thessaloniki, 12 kilometers from the city center, with a direction towards “Halkidiki”. We are directly opossite the town’s biggest shopping mall “Meditarranean Cosmos”. If you are arriving by car, follow the brown road signs labeled “Noesis”.
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