Summer is here, and the heat in the city of Thessaloniki is quite overwhelming! You may be dreaming of distant exotic destinations on the other side of the earth that are not reminiscent of the ordinary, but obligations, jobs or even the fact that you do not like long and tedious travels keep you away from this dream. But there is absolutely no reason to be upset as within a short distance in Thessaloniki, you can take the alternative vacation of your dreams, which will not remind you of your conventional excursions that you are probably tired of.

In this article, you will discover the best alternative destinations near the co-capital, as well as the most fun activities you can do during them, to spend an exciting summer full of surprises near the city of Thessaloniki!

Time for Camping

But of course when we talk about alternative holidays, camping is the first thing that will cross your mind! By choosing to camp, you choose not only an alternative place of residence but also a completely different philosophy for your vacation! Although most of the time when we want to go on vacation, we seek to have as many amenities as possible, camping gives us the opportunity to have a great time, freeing us from everything we think we need. Also, if you have young children, it is a great opportunity for them to get close to nature, doing various activities with you during your vacation time!


In a short distance from the city of Thessaloniki there are several camping options that can meet every taste and also offer you a magical summer vacation! In the green peninsula of Sithonia, Halkidiki you will find one of the most famous campsites in Northern Greece, which is none other than Armenistis! In Armenistis you can choose to camp either with a tent, or with a caravan, or even in luxurious Bungalows! The latter option is ideal for those who are fans of the so-called glamping, a trend in camping that wants luxury to be harmoniously combined  with nature.

We, of course, suggest you choose a traditional form of camping, as this way you will have the opportunity to enjoy your alternative vacation to the fullest by creating a real connection with the natural environment around you!

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Visit the third peninsula of Halkidiki

Halkidiki may be one of the most famous summer destinations, especially for those who have Thessaloniki as their starting point, but they are usually just a few of those who end up on the third leg, as for the most it is identified with Mount Athos and monk life! Although it is true that the area belonging to Mount Athos covers most of the Athos peninsula, there are several enchanting destinations that are located at the beginning of the peninsula and are accessible to everyone.


One of the most beautiful and alternative destinations that you will find in the third peninsula of Halkidiki is Ouranoupoli and Ierissos. Ierissos is a settlement with rich history, as it is located on the site of Ancient Akanthos. There you can also find picturesque taverns and of course a beautiful and crystal clear beach on which with old hulls. Ierissos is a great choice for families who want to make a quiet alternative vacation away from the crowds!


Just a few kilometers away from Ierissos, you will find the beautiful Ouranoupoli! Ouranoupoli is a fantastic alternative destination for those who want to avoid the other two cosmopolitan fingers of Halkidiki. However, it is still a picturesque place full of life for the visitors who will choose it! On the beach of Ouranoupoli you will find many picturesque fish taverns with excellent food. You will also have the opportunity to admire up close the impressive Byzantine tower that settles on its beach.

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Discover the traditional settlements of Halkidiki

When you hear about Halkidiki, the first thing that comes to mind is its golden beaches and clear blue waters, but Halkidiki is a paradise full of surprises, which has much more to offer its visitors!


The settlements located in the mountainous part of the peninsula are truly elegant crafts, representative of the traditional Macedonian Architecture! Characteristics of this style are the ledges in the houses that look like closed balconies and are called loggias! Also, the traditional buildings in mountainous Halkidiki are painted with impressively bright colors such as blue and yellow that catch the eye of anyone in the settlement!

Apart from their wonderful architecture, the traditional settlements of Halkidiki can offer you the perfect alternative holidays near Thessaloniki, as they have fully equipped hostels and fantastic restaurants with traditional delicacies that will excite you.

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In this article, we hope to show you that there are many options, except the popular ones to spend fantastic alternative holidays near Thessaloniki! Whether you want to visit one of the most popular and cosmopolitan destinations near Thessaloniki, or choose an equally beautiful alternative to spend your vacation more peacefully, Alpha Drive provides you with the ideal vehicle that will meet all your rental needs. car in Thessaloniki and Halkidiki!

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