Afitos or Athitos in Kassandra, Halkidiki, is a traditional village, located  83 km away from Thessaloniki. The settlement is on an imposing hill several meters above sea level, thus it has an imposing view of the crystal blue waters of Toroneos Gulf! Taking a short walk in Afitos, you will have the opportunity to admire the impressive stone buildings of the settlement, as well as its cobbled alleys. During your walk, you can visit one of the many traditional taverns, which harmonize perfectly with the picturesque atmosphere of the village!

A few words about the History of the Settlement

Afitos has a long history, as there are indications that it was inhabited since 3000 BC. In ancient times, Afitos, then called Afiti, was one of the prosperous cities of the Athenian Alliance! That’s why it was destroyed by the Macedonian king Philip II in 348 BC. However, Afitos once again prospered during Roman times. Indicative of its prosperity at that time, is the existence of the famous ancient temple, which was dedicated to Ammon Zeus! Finally, it is worth mentioning that the inhabitants of the settlement had a heroic participation in the Greek Revolution of 1821!

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Architecture of the Settlement

Afitos is an exemplary settlement in terms of its architecture, as its buildings combine in the best way modern and traditional references! In addition, they fully harmonize with the natural environment and the vegetation of the area, making the village look as if it has sprung from the pages of a fairy tale! The settlement, as we know it today, was built in the early 19th century. In its central square, you will find the church of Agios Dimitrios, which was built in 1858 and is the only basilica with a dome that exists in Halkidiki!

Also, during your visit to Afitos, you will be for sure impressed by its traditional stone mansions, but also by its Folklore Museum, which has been operating since 1980! There you will see agricultural tools, household utensils and pottery on display!

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Beaches in Afitos

In Afitos you will see two beaches. On your left is the beach “Varkes” as the locals call it, meaning boats in Greek. On your right there is the beach “Liosia”. Along both beaches, you will find wonderful picturesque taverns, which serve unique traditional delicacies. You can also visit one of the many beach bars located there to combine your swim with fun!

Although both beaches are beautiful and quite long, you must keep in mind that they are quite narrow as well. As a result, they can be crowded, especially at the heart of summer! Finally, although most of them are organized, having umbrellas and sunbeds, there are some places which are not!

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Entertainment in Afitos

Afitos is not by chance one of the most popular destinations in Halkidiki, as it offers a huge range of entertainment options, especially for the youth! You can find out veryeasily and yourself by taking a tour of the settlement, after sunset! If you want to have a romantic dinner and enjoy the wonderful summer weather and the sound of the sea waves, you can choose one of the many restaurants next to it! If you still want to have fun until the morning, you should definitely visit the famous bar “Bousoulas”, which offers an excellent view of the settlement, as it is located on a hill!


Regarding the cultural events of the area, we unreservedly suggest that you visit the Afitos Festival, which takes place in August! Finally, if you are in Afitos on the 15th of August, you should not miss the big fair organized in honor of the Virgin Mary!

Entertainment near Afitos

If you choose Afitos as your holiday destination, you should be aware of the entertainment options that are close to it! At a distance of just 3 km, you will find the cosmopolitan Kallithea, where you can visit some of the most famous beach bars of Halkidiki. Still a short distance from Afitos you have the opportunity to visit the luxurious resort Sani!

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Accommodation in Afitos

Due to the tourist traffic during summer in Afitos, you can find a wide variety of options regarding your stay! Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel or cheap rooms for rent, it is absolutely certain that in Afitos you will find what you are looking for. However, it would be good to book your room early enough, as the number of tourists in the area peaks in August!

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Afitos is justifiably one of the most popular destinations in Halkidiki! Renting the car of your choice from Alpha Drive is a guarantee for your comfortable transportation to it!

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