Nowadays, considering that the pace of life has become very fast and most of us work for a living, it is a “luxury” and a rarity to steal a day out of the week for a short trip from the place of residence. In case you are from Thessaloniki, going to a nearby destination to enjoy some rest from the daily routine is a demanding plan, especially when it comes to parents with small children. That is why we have prepared for you a list with the best trips from Thessaloniki with children!


Epanomi is located in the south-east of Thessaloniki at a distance of 30 km from the city center, while its natural beauty is an ideal choice for you, if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city. Therefore, it gives you the opportunity to breathe fresh air, thanks to the wetland and the beautiful natural environment that unfolds in front of you, to admire the clear blue waters, as well as to enjoy seafood and fish, looking upon the sea.

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Another ideal solution for a nearby escape is Goumenissa, which is a town of Kilkis. Kilkis is located an hour northwest of Thessaloniki. Among the must-see attractions of Goumenissa are the characteristic buildings of Macedonian architecture, the infamous French fountain that dates back to World War I and also the building of the “Chrysalis” silk industry, which has historical significance. After strolling around the streets, you can drink the famous red wine and enjoy your meal with your children in the picturesque taverns.

Extra tip: due to the fact that Goumenissa is surrounded by the largest chestnut forest in Greece, it is an opportunity to go out into the forest and explore nature and its beauties on foot, or by bike.

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This destination is a nearby solution for a day trip from Thessaloniki with kids, as it is only 45 minutes away. It is a walkable city and suitable for parents and children, due to its quiet lifestyle and the options it offers. Τhe variety of restaurants, cafes and playgrounds can keep everyone happy! You can tour Barbuta, the famous Elia Square, the town hall and the picturesque center of the city. Of course, if you find yourself in the prefecture of Imathia, it is a golden opportunity to visit the most important archaeological site in Northern Greece, the Museum of Royal Tombs, since it will offer you unforgettable experiences. So you have plenty to see and do in Veria, as long as it’s suitable for all ages!

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Another nearby destination that is 1.5 hours away by car is the beautiful Kavala. A city-jewel that enchants everyone, as it is an important port and commercial center of Northern Greece. Walk with your children in the old and the modern city, see “Eleftheria” Square and the characteristic arches. Moreover, you can eat delicious meat or fish dishes and taste the famous ouzo/tsipouro in one of the numerous taverns that exist in its port. Don’t forget also to try quality local products, as this city is famous for honey and its variety of cheeses.

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 Last but not least: Edessa and its enchanting waterfalls that impress adults and children alike! There, you can admire the natural landscape that spreads out in front of you with its lush vegetation. It is only 1.5 hours from the co-capital, which makes it a favorite destination for the residents of Thessaloniki. In this city you can also “lose yourself” on a tasting trip and try exquisite products and delicious dishes, such as the signature dish of the city, the ‘’tsumpleki’’, which consists of layers of meat, vegetables and plums cooked in the roaster, soups, pies and also sweets, such as the famous ‘’flogeres’’ with cream. Finally, you can buy various traditional jams, compotes and liqueurs.

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With this article, we hope to have given you some very interesting suggestions and ideas in order to escape from everyday life for a while and take a breather of peace by taking a day trip with your children. Therefore, you can enjoy the beauties that exist within a short distance from Thessaloniki! 

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