Thessaloniki, also known as the bride of the North, is the largest city in Macedonia and the second largest city in Greece.The total population of the city including that of its prefectures exceeds one million, making it a modern European Metropolis that does not cease to maintain its warm mentality. Thessaloniki is known to locals but also to its visitors for being a very romantic city, due to Thermaikos Gulf, its beautiful architecture and the endless activities it provides to couples.

So, if you want to have a refreshing break from your routine, a romantic two-day excursion in Thessaloniki is the ideal solution for you, as it will offer you unforgettable memories that will stay with you for years to come. In this article we have prepared for you a list of the top activities that you can enjoy during a two-day stay in the co-capital, to spend beautiful and creative company with your partner.

Enjoy delicious food in Thessaloniki

According to a well-known expression, the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. So the best way to find out if the expression is true, is a visit to one of the many restaurants in Thessaloniki. Besides, the city is famous for its picturesque taverns with the hospitable atmosphere and the generous portions of delicious food. One of the most famous areas that you could visit in a romantic two-day excursion in Thessaloniki, is Ladadika.

Ladadika is one of the most famous and historical districts of Thessaloniki, you will understand that immediately, walking in their narrow cobbled alleys of it. Although it took its name from the many shops that traded oil in the past in this area, Ladadika in nowadays is full of small picturesque taverns. There you can enjoy delicious dishes combined with wine or tsipouro. If you prefer a more fine-dining aesthetic as a couple, you can visit some excellent wine bars that exist in the area.

Finally, if you want to enjoy your food in a more carefree and youthful environment, we strongly recommend you to visit the Bit Bazaar district. The Bit Bazaar is located near the Roman market and is an attraction for the young people and university students of the city due to the affordable prices of the restaurants, but also the retro aesthetics that prevail in them.

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Take a romantic walk on the waterfront of Thessaloniki

A walk on the city waterfront is definitely one of the best activities you can do in a romantic two-day excursion in Thessaloniki. Starting from the Port of the city and ending at the Concert Hall, the beach of Thessaloniki is an elongated strip parallel to Thermaikos Gulf and the center of Thessaloniki.

Walking in it you will have the opportunity to admire some of the most famous sights of Thessaloniki, such as The White Tower, the statue of Alexander the Great and the “Umbrellas”,  an artwork of the sculptor George Zongolopoulos. Boarding from the waterfront, you can have a romantic boat tour in Thermaikos, while enjoying your drink on the wooden boats sailing from there and admiring the city from a panoramic view.

Finally, you should not forget to “lock” your love with a lovelock on the railings near the Umbrellas. Lovelocks are a foreign tradition, which has also reached Thessaloniki. According to it, the couples place padlocks on lakes, seas and rivers, and then throw the keys away to lock their love once and for all.

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Admire Thessaloniki from the castles of Ano Poli

For your last night in Thessaloniki we suggest you visit the majestic castles of Ano Poli. Ano Poli is the only part of the old city that has been saved from the great fire of 1917. There, the Byzantine Walls of Thessaloniki stand unharmed over the course of time. Arriving at the castles, you will have the opportunity to admire the Byzantine architecture in all its glory, while at the same time you will gaze at the entire city of Thessaloniki. Despite enjoying the view, we unreservedly suggest you take a walk in the beautiful and picturesque alleys of Ano Poli and admire its traditional buildings which are excellent examples of Macedonian architectural culture.

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Returning from your brief excursion with your partner, it is absolutely certain that you will have spent a fantastic romantic two days in Thessaloniki, full of beautiful and creative moments that will make you love this magical city. Having a fully equipped fleet of vehicles, Alpha Drive is able to fully meet your needs for car rental in Thessaloniki, so that you can enjoy the most of your trip to it.

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